What is Hispanics in Philanthropy?

Hispanics in Philanthropy is on a mission to increase Latino leadership, influence, and equity. Our vision is for Latinos to achieve power, social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas. Over the past 35+ years, highlights include:

  • Raising over $55 million to support over 600 innovative Latino nonprofits working on education, health, workforce development and more.  
  • Launching HIPGive.org, the first crowdfunding platform geared toward Latino and Latin American nonprofit projects. Since its 2014 launch HIP, has channeled over $2 million USD to more than 500 organizations for local community projects, across the Americas.
  • Mobilizing support for the most critical issues facing Latino families, including raising over $1.5 million to support families affected by the current migration crisis, and over $600,000 to support Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

We invite you to learn more about our programs and strategies for mobilizing resources with and for Latinx communities.