How do you know which data should or shouldn’t be included on the dashboard? includes transaction data identified as relevant to Latinx populations as coded by Candid. Candid assigns Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) codes to both transactions and organizations to describe the specific and general charitable actions, respectively. For this dashboard, Candid has included any individual charitable transaction which has been indexed with a Population code for “People of Latin American Descent” or any transaction awarded to an organization which Candid has identified with a mission or programmatic activities related to Latinx populations, and therefore have been indexed with the PCS population code for “People of Latin American Descent” at the organizational level. Sometimes the population-served data comes from grantmakers via grant descriptions, but for many transactions Candid relies on what it knows about the recipient organizations as they’re indexed in Candid’s database. These grants are disaggregated in the dashboard by grantmaker and by other taxonomic facets (like subject and other populations), but all grants have been determined by Candid’s indexing systems to be awarded to or for Latinx populations.